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System for  Digital Photoceramic and Tecnicians service  Qualificated
Photoceramic Printers, Ceramic Toner, Paper, Decal, Ceramic Starter.
10 years of esperience and  professionality in Digital Photoceramic field .  
LEM SOLUTIONS snc  è rivenditore riconosciuto  Canon Global Office, Canon Seller, opera con patentino e  ceritifcazione rilasciata da Canon Italia.  20 anni di esperienza nel settore Colore professionale Canon.










 Per gentile concessione di  Lomi Fotoceramica .







Our reference In Romania
Remus Agatinei



Crediamo fermamente nella collaborazione vera e sinergica tra tutti i "maestri fotoceramisti",sinonimo di scambi reciproci di esperienze comuni ed etica professionale e non solo commerciale.
Tutti i servizi di fotoceramica garantiti da alta qualità e professionalità semplicemente cliccando sopra ad ogni logo. 
Certi di aver fatto cosa gradita, ringraziamo tutti i nostri amici,e i nostri futuri clienti che ancora non abbiamo potuto inserire.
Se volete essere inseriti o eliminati dal nostro sito internet,


Ecco il nostro Rosso

LEM SOLUTIONS, ha ideato un esclusivo procedimento che permette di ottenere un Rosso Reale.
Il nostro procedimento e le nuove pigmentazioni ceramiche assicurano risultati sorprendenti e garantiscono una durata illimitata nel tempo.
Niente promesse da




































































Install sells and is able to assist everywhere, so resolute and swift time with a free telephone advice and technical preparations.

LEM SOLUTIONS snc is a major Italian company, specialized in the provision of all services and for printing in digital photoceramic.

LEM SOLUTIONS snc realizes panels and custom mosaics, gadgets, toponymy, plaques for funerary art.

LEM SOLUTIONS snc stems from more than 20 years experience in the field of technical assistance CANON and Professional Color.

LEM SOLUTIONS snc was founded in 1985 as technical assistance in the field Copiers and printers professional color Canon has been able to merge in the field of digital photoceramic whole experience, ensuring its customers quality and professionalism unparalleled. Few companies like ours have over twenty years of experience on Printers Clc with uffciali courses and certifications issued by Canon.

Canon has always been a world leader in the field of 'imaging and digital color solutions for that reason the marriage LEM SOLUTIONS snc, Canon and digital photoceramics has revealed soon winner.

We worked as a technical support specialist for about 10 years with great enthusiasm in all the best companies marketing systems photoceramic, selecting and modifying their behalf for installing printers at the customer fotoceramics in Italy also all 'abroad, we always distinguished for seriousness, preparation and after-sales technical support. We believe that they have raised the index of quality and image of our partners and collaborators ever receiving a lot of confidence and esteem especially by its customers.
Some of these collaborations have enriched not only in the material sense, but also of professional experience, which is why we can not do nothing but be grateful to all those who without sheet on  photoceramic sector have placed their trust in our company, currently placed as potential competitors, but still great friends and collaborators serious.

All the best printers for professional photoceramics models are derived from Canon Series clc 900 or 1100 series Clc, 1110,1130,1150,1160,1180.

There are on the market, however, further developments printers for photoceramic on different brands : Xerox, Minolta, Sharp .... Where the result in our view remains well below both for quality and reliability for consistency or continuity over time.
Currently all Clc 900/1110 series is not over 'marketing it in the 2007 list canon, for that reason, all the printers in use are photoceramics Use or showrooms, and are selected with care centers in Canon us arrangement, dismantled, and reconstructing smenbrate replacing a large number of shares usurable and ensuring that new life to the machine and a quality and reliability that are the new.

Our photoceramics Printers and Colorpass  unit (units of interfacing with computers) are tested and classified according to the state general wear: Top o Show Room (under 15,000 copies) first choice (under 50,000 copies) second choice (below 150,000 copies), or discarded if above 300,000 copies.

They replaced all parties usurable replacing most of the materials inside with new materials and other appropriate: toners, developers, rollers, etc. etc..
The ceramic toner much more ' "hard" and brash of the original "soft" and "waxed", is a mixture of oxides and items that
Wear and wear parts printers ceramics in a time much 'shorter than in the original.

All laser printers for use in digital photoceramic are changed to a different use
Which were designed and conceived. The change is made ceramics not only with the replacement parts dedicated to the specific use in photoceramic which toners and developers, but also with special and more 'sophisticated hardware and software changes dictated only by experience in the field.
They vary and customize machine to machine temperature, pressure, density color parameters attraction equivalent under "natural aromas" found in most 'common beverages where you want to hide a formula dictated by research, technological development and especially great experience.

For this reason not recommend strongly to all who wish to undertake the field of photoceramic "do it yourself" not ever buy toner, developer and printers separately trying to make homemade prorpia the amendment, the success rates can be very low.

Using technology so 'sophisticated and numerous variables such as humidity, temperature and dust and materials other than those specified in the design phase,
  Problems may arise even difficult to detect even for a technical preparation.

  The issues fidelity color in the field of digital fotoceramica are connected to the complex and laborious task of scanning the image displayed on monitors and colors obtained in the final cooking.
The variables that can affect the fidelity of colors are manifold: Scanner, Printer, Colorpass, Monitors, Oven cooking.
The result of the colors in the system fotoceramico occurs only after all the steps and cooked piece finished, only then can really compare all 'original and possibly make color corrections that can be viewed in the subsequent firing distance of several hours.

This limit is now widely surmountable thanks to our exclusive Ceramic Profile Calibration the new color management system developed by our company, which will enable you to take maximum advantage of the potential of our system fotoceramico and colour rendering color, save in long time Operation and especially you can 'see a monitor two previews print "raw", as well as color printer and leaving the "brick" that is a finished piece cooked in the oven.
This system makes it possible to facilitate the correction of colours, further customize the profile of the printer fotoceramica on real needs of the user and a considerable savings of time and material waste.

For the complex and lengthy operation calibration is preferable that this be done in our laboratories
With all the equipment more: Scanner, Printer, Colorpass, Monitors, Computers & Oven cooking.
The cost of calibration Ceramic Profile Calibration, are excluded from the estimates presented above can get more information by calling our laboratory.

snc recommends l 'recent purchase of a computer is not included in the price of estimates, Pentium 4 or dual core with at least 2GB of ram SCSI hard disk at least 160 gb, Agfa scanner / Kodak and monitors Lacie / Barco 21 inches.
  It is explicitly required license and thorough knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
For more information, request a cost estimate for supply of Computer and Photoshop courses to our engineers.

Ask who sells the system to photoceramic license and certification of attendance of courses on technical clc Canon Canon color in Italy, a guarantee of experience and professionalism
Who will assist the printer in the future.
Canon clc 1160 with rip Z400e


Canon clc 1160 con rip Z400e








Read our prices.
All our machines are reviewed with strict standard that ensures reliability and long life and good quality preserved. The photosensitive drum cost of € 1200 for example is the heart of the printer must be new uniform surface with green and devoid of lines and wrinkles rebra or orange peel, the oven with rollers original brick color (never red original) , the cost of € 320 roller should be smooth and free of any row, brushes transfer of the transfer drum to drum cost of 800 euros must be new and are essential for not having zones and have the same quality d 'image of the original.
The keyboard blue and black dual sensor present only in more recent models indicate Clc 1110/1160/1180 a machine very young in terms of age, but not determine the true value of the car if not counter with a lot of copies low.

These are only some of many parts to check when buying printer fotoceramica, and whose high costs imposed by canon italy on the same parts, which makes the final price of ceramic system not fall below a certain threshold that would jeopardize certainly good operation and good quality.

Watch out then anyone can market equipment for fotoceramica below 15000 euros, to the detriment of the proper functioning and quality. Ask a scrupulous list of the parties that were replaced during the review and change in transformation photoceramic and give you certify and stamp affixed with the date and number of copies. Check the counter and copies basated on our offers as a reference. If you consider appropriate for a contact telephone technical advice and free. Ask license and certification of attendance of technical courses on Canon color in canon clc Italy, a guarantee of experience and professionalism of those who assist the printer in the future.
Now you can buy the plant vs. where you believe the requirements are more 'suitable and more people' prepared. Come and visit our laboratories and our shoow Room. We are willing to provide any comparisons and all the technical information should be contacting us feel that our numbers in the laboratory. Info@lemsolutions.it.
Resp.Tec.Com Massimiliano Ferrario. systems for photoceramic mobile 3358280993 wind

LEM SOLUTIONS snc gives you the ability to take advantage of digital technology and to purchase your system  photoceramic also rate 36/48/60 months with the help of our financial CANON ITALY, incredibly low costs also ups.
(Except approval of the same financial 20gg approx.)
We offer all our advice and a cost estimate Custom to the real needs and demands of the market.
LEM SOLUTIONS snc supports you and you advised on the best payment solutions, financing and leasing LEM SERVICE puts you in a position to make on your behalf the decal collodiata or your piece cooked and finished. You will thus' sound out the market to acquire customers and then this' will allow you to purchase the complete system and also pay a micro-monthly instalments.
For more information info@lemsolutions.it




Per gentile concessione di  La F2 fotoceramiche Latiano

Produzione di Oggetti in Fotoceramica  
Tutte le immagini artistiche qui sotto riprodotte sono di esclusiva proprieta' LemSolutions  snc, possono essere gratuitamente divulgate senza alcun fine commerciale ne di lucro, specificando innanzi tutto la fonte e  senza essere modificate in alcuna parte,   un ringraziamento paritcolare a Claudio Arrigoni
















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